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Things you need to know for Group Class


學生簽證延期 Visa:


Attend every class to maintain good attendance and check your entry date! Extend your visa one week before it expires.

更多簽證資訊 More information: CLICK HERE


換班/課期限 Course Change Deadline:


You can change your course within 1 week after the term starts.


跳級考試 Grade Skipping:


If you feel your class is too easy, please apply for a test to skipping a grade within 1 week after the term starts.




Ask for the WiFi password in the CLC (Chinese Language Center) office during the 2nd week after the term starts.


機車/腳踏車停車證 Parking Permit:


If you need to park either a scooter or a bike on campus, please apply for the parking permit at CLC in the 2nd week after the term starts.


Parking fee: NT$200 per term for scooter; free of charge for bike.


圖書館借書卡 Library Card:


Apply for it with your student ID card in the library and pay a NT$1,000 deposit.


健身房運動卡 Gym Card Application:


Submit one passport-size photo and the fee (NT$300 for 6 months) to CLC office in 1 week after the term starts.


學期評分項目及標準 Evaluation Items and Standards:

  • 出席率 attendance 10%
  • 學習態度 attitude 10%
  • 期中考 mid-term test 20%
  • 期末考 Final test 30%
  • 平時成績 general performance 30%

總平均不滿70分者,下學期續讀時不予升級(需留原級重讀) Students with a term average under 70 will not move to the next level in the following term.

團體班學生上課超過10分鐘未到教室以缺席論。Students who miss the group class for 10 minutes or more (including being late or leaving the classroom during the class) will be recorded as absent.

請假不予補課,並視為缺席。 All personal leaves are considered and absence and are not entitled to a make-up class.


退費標準 Refund Policy:


It is announced on the tuition receipt and information sheet in every term. Please contact CLC for refund procedure and necessary documents if you are qualified for a refund.


結業證書 Certificate:

學生整期修業期滿,當期總成績 70 分以上且出席時數達總時數的3/4者,可獲得華語中心結業證書。(當期證書親領免費;非本期證書 NT$100、郵資 NT$100。)

Students who attend the whole term with a final grade over 70 and attendance rate over 75% can obtain the certificate after application. (Free for the current term, if you need the certificate to be sent by post, please come to CLC office to pay the postage.)





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